We offer exterior doors from many different manufacturers.

By consistently striving to achieve these benchmarks, Escon Doors has managed to build and maintain a reputation for innovative design and world-class craftsmanship since 1981. By selecting the finest materials from around the world we have produced the finest Doors to compliment any Décor.

As you look through our website you will find a diverse assortment of Entry and Patio Door options available, Our extensive Door Selection includes; Forged Wrought Iron, Fiberglass, Mahogany, Red Oak, Distressed Spanish Walnut, Pacific Cherry, Brazilian Mahogany, Rustic Teak, and Knotty Alder.

Forged Iron Doors
Hand Forged Iron Doors with Decorative 5/8” Thick Scroll. Powder Coated and Faux Finish Matching Entry Handle-Set”
12 Gauge Steel

  • 2” x 6” Frame Width
  • 1 15/16” Door Thickness
  • Slope & Drip Vented Panel Construction
  • Operable Glass/Vented Panel Insert
  • Insulated Door Frame & Glass
  • Fully Weather-Stripped
  • Powder Coat and Faux Finish
  • Molten Bronze Entry Handle
  • Retro-Fit Sizes Available
  • Custom Made Sizes Available

We are the nation’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel exterior door systems, and we are the most preferred brand of entry doors among building professionals.* Our attention to detail in styling, including our glass innovations, have brought improved curb appeal and value to our customers’ homes, and the security and durability features built into every Therma-Tru door brings home comfort and security.

The right door makes all the difference

A beautiful door is the focal point of your home. But a beautiful door that also provides superior weatherability and durability can make all the difference. Classic-Craft doors from Therma-Tru offer the best of both worlds by combining the performance and strength of fiberglass with the timeless beauty of a woodgrain finish.

Proven performance built right in

When it comes to performance, nothing delivers like fiberglass. That’s because fiberglass won’t crack, rot, split or splinter like wood. It won’t dent or reust like steel. And since Classic-Craft doors are built with a solid polyurethane foam core, they offer five times the insulation value of wood.

What to know before choosing a door

Selecting the right door can be confusing with so many styles, materials and performance features to choose from. By arming yourself with a little insider knowledge, finding the right door couldn’t be easier. Here are a few things you may want to consider before making a decision.

Your home's architectural style.

If your home has a traditional design, you’ll probably want to choose a door that also has a traditional look. More contemporary homes call for modern doors. Classic-Craft doors come in a wide variety of styles, making it easy for you to find a door that complements your home’s design.

Energy efficiency

Save money by comparing energy effeciency. Classic-Craft doors have five times the insulation value of wood because of their solid polyurethane foam core. Look for generous weatherstripping, leak-proof door bottoms and high performance sills to maximize energy efficiency.


Not all door warranties are created alike. Classic-Craft doors come with a lifetime limited warranty backed by one of the largest companies in the door business, Therma-Tru. So you get the peace of mind and the assurance that your door will stand up to years of use.

Since 1994, Plastpro has always believed in providing a superior product with the best value, technology, and commitment to our customers. We know how important it is to provide quality service and valuable resource to those in the industry.


Old world craftsmanship meets innovative technology to make Distinction Doors the most advanced, high-quality fiberglass doors available on the market today. Whereas products and components of other companies may be outsourced, Distinction Doors can boast total vertical integration: every part of our doors – from the raw materials like polyurethane, polyester and fiberglass, to the actual doors, doorlites and sidelites – are manufactured by us. That allows complete quality control. In addition to our outstanding warranty on every door we manufacture, other features that are hallmarks of the fine craftsmanship of Distinction Doors include:

Energy efficieny and environmental safety

Our polyurethane core provides insulation properties six times greater than wood doors. Distinction Doors are environmentally friendly as our formula is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), substances partially responsible for the destruction of the earth’s ozone layer.

Environmentally-sound polyurethane foam core

Though some other fiberglass door companies still use HCF-free foam, we are proud to offer a door which is completely CFC-free in conformance with U.S. enviromental standards. Our advanced polyurethane core provides superior thermal performance and enhances the door’s soundproofing. The combination of these factors has created a door which serves to protect our environment by avoiding harm to the ozone layer and by offering better thermal insulation to your home.

Strength and durability – Our high-impact compression-molded fiberglass skins are resistant to dents, dings, splintering and corrosion.

Advanced technology – Distinction Doors are manufactured using the most technologically advanced engineering and processing available today. Features like our pre-pigmented skins, engineered composite stiles and rails are leading industry innovations.


Distinction Doors’ unique engineering results in a door that is built to last a lifetime. Some of our quality features include:

Full-length composite stiles – Our Distinction Doors offer full-length composite stiles which provide complete waterproofing for the door’s insulation, an exclusive to the Distinction Door. Using the superior performance of composite stiles, these stiles will not splinter like wood or delaminate like steel.

High-strength engineered composite bottom rails – The Distinction Door’s high-strength engineered composite rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door. This rail also allows the Distinction Door to accommodate a range of snap-on door bottoms.

Deep-profile fiberglass skins – Our deep-profile compression molded fiberglass skins create stronger dimension, enriching the door’s rich oak appearance.

Backed by warranty – We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Distinction Wood Grain Doors and a 25 Year Limited Warranty on our Distinction Smooth Skin Doors.

Our Limited Series was specifically selected to showcase some of the richest, luxury graining available.

The Modern Series effortlessly makes a contemporary design simpler. Our doors are designed to have a cleaner style by incorporating clean, simple lines and single patterned glass.

Our Rustic doors provide a classic charm, while bringing traditional, upscale appeal to any home.

The Mahogany Series brings a beloved wood texture into traditional, timeless styles.

Our Fir Grain Series has straight, fine vertical graining that produces outstanding results. Fir accessories come with: simulated divided lights (SDL) and a dentil shelf.

Dressed in a rich oak grain texture, our Oak Grain series gives a classic look to your home.

Our Smooth Doors are made with a pre-pigmented white skin, which features a classic, smooth surface.

The True White Oak Series combines the best features of our Smooth and Oak Doors.

Our Onelite Series allows the ultimate amount of light into your home.

At Masonite, we understand that a door is much more than a door – it is the backdrop for those first-day-of-school photos, the perfect camouflage during a game of hide-and-seek, a warm welcome for family and friends. Doors are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, which is why the doors you choose for your home should express who you are and what you value.

Energy efficient choices can save families about a third on their energy bill.* ENERGY STAR helps you make the energy efficient choice, and the best part is, now you don’t have to sacrifice features, style or comfort.

Committed to meeting the highest standards for energy and efficiency, Masonite is working with the government and its ENERGY STAR program. When installed correctly, Masonite doors can meet the ENERGY STAR requirements by region. Use the charts below to find the ENERGY STAR requirements in your area.

aCantina is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems. Dedicated to creating products that open spaces, our focus in developing and refining these products has resulted in the most innovative and comprehensive range of doors and windows available.

Using the same signature profiles, our Folding, Sliding and Swing systems provide a perfect match for a complete door package. Architects, homeowners, and builders are free to innovate their space with the same quality, performance and value. Designed and made in California, LaCantina Doors have contributed to award-winning projects ranging from residential, commercial, retail, education facilities, resorts and more. Backed by an industry leading warranty, our products are the preferred choice when it comes to open spaces.

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