Our most widely sold interior doors are from T.M. Cobb and JELD-WEN.

Your number one source for beautiful entrance doors, interior doors, exterior, patio, French, windows, custom millwork and more. Whether you are an architect, builder or homeowner looking for superior doors and windows, T.M.Cobb brings you one of the largest inventories of doors and windows in California. Since 1935, we have been the builder’s choice for quality craftsmanship.

Get the door that endures

  • Resists cracking, splitting, shrinking and join seperation.
  • Lets homeowners achieve consistent quality throughout the home.
  • Long-lasting with low maintenance.
  • Patented design and manufacturing process provides clear, crisp panels

Specify the door that makes the grade

  • Tested for water resistance, adhesion and overall durability.
  • Exceeds AHA and WDMA minimum strength requirements (MOR)

Tough on the inside

A CraftMaster molded door facing is a wood fiber mat that is molded under intense heat and pressure into an 1/8″ thick sheet of high density fiberboard. The result is a precisely engineered product that assures consistent quality from door to door, room to room, home to home.

Easy on the outside

No old growth timber is harvested solely to supply wood for CraftMaster products. Masonite uses 100% of harvested timber in the production of door facings, including by-products such as chips from saw milling operations. So not only does a door built with CraftMaster door facings eliminate waste, it also requires far less wood than a natural wood door. When you build with CraftMaster, you build for a better environment

At JELD-WEN, we expertly create interior doors that add beauty and durability to any home or light commercial building project. Every detail of every JELD-WEN door reveals careful construction that extends from the selection of raw materials to the assembly of each component. Our commitment to quality pertains to our customer service, as well. Together, our exceptional service and enduring products make us your trusted door authority.


Old world craftsmanship meets innovative technology to make Distinction Doors the most advanced, high-quality fiberglass doors available on the market today. Whereas products and components of other companies may be outsourced, Distinction Doors can boast total vertical integration: every part of our doors – from the raw materials like polyurethane, polyester and fiberglass, to the actual doors, doorlites and sidelites – are manufactured by us. That allows complete quality control. In addition to our outstanding warranty on every door we manufacture, other features that are hallmarks of the fine craftsmanship of Distinction Doors include:

Energy efficieny and environmental safety

Our polyurethane core provides insulation properties six times greater than wood doors. Distinction Doors are environmentally friendly as our formula is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), substances partially responsible for the destruction of the earth’s ozone layer.

Environmentally-sound polyurethane foam core

Though some other fiberglass door companies still use HCF-free foam, we are proud to offer a door which is completely CFC-free in conformance with U.S. enviromental standards. Our advanced polyurethane core provides superior thermal performance and enhances the door’s soundproofing. The combination of these factors has created a door which serves to protect our environment by avoiding harm to the ozone layer and by offering better thermal insulation to your home.

Strength and durability – Our high-impact compression-molded fiberglass skins are resistant to dents, dings, splintering and corrosion.

Advanced technology – Distinction Doors are manufactured using the most technologically advanced engineering and processing available today. Features like our pre-pigmented skins, engineered composite stiles and rails are leading industry innovations.


Distinction Doors’ unique engineering results in a door that is built to last a lifetime. Some of our quality features include:

Full-length composite stiles – Our Distinction Doors offer full-length composite stiles which provide complete waterproofing for the door’s insulation, an exclusive to the Distinction Door. Using the superior performance of composite stiles, these stiles will not splinter like wood or delaminate like steel.

High-strength engineered composite bottom rails – The Distinction Door’s high-strength engineered composite rail prevents moisture from seeping into the door. This rail also allows the Distinction Door to accommodate a range of snap-on door bottoms.

Deep-profile fiberglass skins – Our deep-profile compression molded fiberglass skins create stronger dimension, enriching the door’s rich oak appearance.

Backed by warranty – We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Distinction Wood Grain Doors and a 25 Year Limited Warranty on our Distinction Smooth Skin Doors.

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